PT5 Process

We believe that every dollar has a purpose and a timeline. When and how your retirement assets will be used should be understood before making important financial decisions.

The PT5 Process Explained

5 Steps to a Confident Retirement

The Triplett-Westendorf Purpose and Timeline 5 Step Planning Process (PT5) begins with Discovery. Understanding where you are now, and then defining where you want to go (Your Purpose) and when you want to get there (Your Timeline), programs your financial GPS.

Step 1: Discovery

The first visit is mutual discovery. Our team gets to know you, and you get to know us. We learn where you stand financially. You learn our philosophy, process and how we function.

Step 2: Analysis

We analyze the information gathered in the Discovery meeting and prepare Retirement Income Analysis, Investment Performance + Fee Analysis, and Social Security Maximization Report. Then we prepare written plan proposals and recommended actions.

Step 3: Action Plan

We work together to fine-tune a plan that meets your needs and requirements. We educate you on why we are making specific recommendations. This step allows you to make the best decisions regarding your financial wellness.

Step 4: Implementation

We implement a plan that meets your needs and requirements. This is not a one-time plan as needs and requirements evolve over time. We are with you every step in your financial future.

Step 5: Review

During regular reviews we evaluate your progress and make necessary adjustments as your needs evolve. This keeps you on course to retirement success.

Is PT5 Right for You?

Find out in 15 minutes at no cost to you!

Our PT5 Process gives you a retirement income blueprint including a (an):

  • Review of your investment allocations, performance, and fees
  • Projection of taxes in retirement and offer strategies to manage and mitigate them
  • Analysis of healthcare costs including Medicare premiums and copays
  • Evaluation of long-term care risk exposure to you and your family
  • Review of your current estate plan documents.

We’ll donate 15 minutes of our time to answer your questions, and mutually determine whether or not you would benefit from our Purpose and Timeline 5 (PT5) Step Retirement Planning Process.

Invest in Your Financial Future Today

Our PT5 Process gives you the in-depth analysis you need to help you retire on time with purpose. We combine your goals with our financial expertise to chart your financial future. You get all of this for $2400.

Customized Social Security Analysis $300

Earliest, Latest, and Optimal Strategies

Comprehensive Investment Analysis  $600

What You Own

What You’re Paying

What You’re Receiving in Return

Personalized Retirement Income Evaluation $1500

A thorough, custom analysis of where you are today relative to where you’d like to be and recommended actions you can take to get you closer to that position

Total PT5 Screening Investment $2400

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