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Triplett-Westendorf Interviews

Holiday Conversations WOI

Interest Rates WOI

Inflation WOI

Investing Amidst Inflation WHO

World Financial Planning Day WOI

Life Insurance Month WOI

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Living Paycheck to Paycheck WOI

State Fair Budgeting WOI

Interest Rates WOI

Planning for Holiday Shopping in July WOI

Bear Market Money Moves


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Recession WOI

Interest Rates WOI

Saving for College

Credit Scores, WOI

Russia Ukraine & Market Volatility, WOI

Bad Social Media Financial Advice, WOI

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Student Loan Pause, WHO

Tax Changes, WOI

Financial Aid Awareness Month, Student Loans, WOI

Inflation 2022 – WOI

Christmas Movie Lessons 2021 – WHO

WOI-DT – Early Holiday Shopping

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Charitable Giving – WOI-DT

WOI-DT – Work from Home

WOI-DT – Sandwich Generation

WOI-DT – Medicare Open Enrollment

WOI-DT – COVID-19 & Kids Moving Home

Bond Alternatives

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Sequence of Returns Risk *

WOI-DT – Delta Variant Money Questions

WOI – Summer Vacation Season Kicks Off

WOI – Sales Tax Holiday

KCCI – Third Stimulus Bill

WOI-DT – Mid-Year Money Moves

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WHO – Financial Literacy Month

KIMT – Small Business Stimulus Update

KCCI – Where Is My Stimulus Check

WOI – Inflation Concerns

KCCI – COVID-19 Vaccine Stimulus

WHO – Second Stimulus Bill Approved

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