Troy Westendorf

We believe that every dollar has a purpose and a timeline.  When and how your retirement assets will be used should be understood before making important financial decisions

Triplett-Westendorf Financial Group clients respect a disciplined approach to income planning, one founded on rules-based principles. Founder & President Troy Westendorf brings a degree in law enforcement and has brought this commitment to structure and integrity to every role, as demonstrated early in his career or as a trusted leader with Triplett-Westendorf Financial Group. Through math and a science-based approach, he and his team provide clients a guided path to a lifetime of retirement income.

Witnessing the profound impact his uncle had enriching lives through retirement planning, Troy was inspired to follow in his footsteps. Troy has led Triplett-Westendorf Financial Group with a dedication to public services and a commitment to clients’ long-term well-being.

Troy prioritizes personal growth and wellness, principles he adopted as a trained strength and conditioning personal trainer. He applies the same commitment to hard work and discipline in his own fitness regimen as in strengthening clients’ financial positions. Troy understands that clients need guidance for their whole wellbeing, not just finances, and he empowers them to invest in their health as much as their wealth.

Troy continues his uncle’s legacy of enriching lives through prudent guidance and friendship. Troy’s greatest professional joy is his family. With his wife and best friend Brenda, they share their love for community, ethics and values with their daughter Breanna, her husband Coty and their grandson Cooper. Together, they are changing lives and making lifelong friendships along the journey to have an impact on generations to come.

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