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Financial Consultation Documents

Planning PT5 Financial Planning visit?

To get ready for your PT5 financial planning visit please review the “Documents Checklist” and complete the “Spending Plan”. You can download them and complete by hand or complete them on your computer and save a copy.

When you have them completed, you can upload them here or email them to us at:

Document Checklist

The documents you need for your custom retirement analysis.

Documents Checklist

Spending Plan

An assessment of your monthly expenses.

Open Spending Plan

Planning Review visit?

For clients preparing for their review visits please utilize the “Life Event Review” and “Trusted Contact Form” to update your file.

When you have them completed, you can upload them here or email them to us at:

Life Event Review

What has changed in your life that can impact your financial future?

Open Life Event Review

Trusted Contact Form

Who you want to help with your finances when you need assistance.

Open Form

Take the first step towards a financially compatible relationship by downloading our ‘What’s Your Financial Compatibility?’ PDF now.

Vacation Budget Worksheet

Have Fun, Know What You Spend

Vacations are great. Especially when you can enjoy them knowing you planned your spending the right way. Our vacation budget worksheet can help you track your spending.


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Transitional Birthdays Beginning at 50

Every birthday could be viewed as a milestone, but once you reach age 50 there are specific birthday’s that may impact your financial life more than others. We’ve identified 10 transitional birthdays with significant meaning.


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