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Is Your Financial Advisor A Supplier Or An Architect?

Is your a financial advisor a financial product supplier or an architect? When it comes to building homes (or financial plans) the raw material supplier and the architect both play a significant role in the construction of a home. Neither is necessarily bad or good, better or worse. They have very different roles to play, […]

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Just selling stuff?

My partner and I recently met with a couple from one of our workshops whose financial life is quite complex. These folks have done well for themselves. They lived well within their means throughout their working years, managed to consistently save for retirement, and have successfully accumulate more than enough resources to maintain their desired […]

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A basic principle of investing is that you should gradually reduce your exposure to risk as you get older. Generally speaking, a younger investor has a longer time horizon and therefore can absorb more short-term investment risk. An older investor has a shorter time horizon and therefore doesn’t have as much time to absorb short-term […]

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Do You Own Lazy Money?

When it comes to wealth management, money can do two things. It can earn interest, or buy stuff. Your money can earn interest: Your money may be lent to a financial institution and in return they pay you an interest rate. For example, a bank may accept money from you, the depositor. They lend it […]