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Market Commentary – Royal Fund Management

Mark Sorenson | February 21, 2022 The market has weakened over the last few days based on two main uncertainties. This market commentary should provide some perspective during market corrections like we are experiencing right now. It is interesting that the market historically goes up 80% of the time, but we tend to forget, this […]

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Bond Alternative Within A Portfolio

The World Was Flat In the past, financial advisors have relied on a well-balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds to manage a client’s risk versus return. While the general practice is widely accepted, if you ask 50 different financial advisors what a well-balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds looks like, you’ll likely get 50 similar, […]

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Balanced Approach With Loss Avoidance

For nearly three decades interest rates have declined. Stock market volatility sent investors fleeing to safety, driving interest rates further south. Americans saving for retirement have been forced to make a choice between historically low interest-rates succumbing to eroding effects of inflation, or risking their money investing in a volatile and unpredictable stock market. Recent […]

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Average vs Real Return

What’s the difference between average rates of return and real rates of return? Let’s say you begin with $100,000. You invest all of it in marketable securities. Then the market goes up 25% over a 1-year period. In that case your $100,000 becomes $125,000 if you sell your securities. That’s pretty exciting. We know that […]