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Monthly Economic Update May 2020

In this month’s recap: Stocks rebounded sharply, fueled by a flattening of the COVID-19 curve and positive results from clinical trial investigating a treatment for the virus. Monthly Economic Update   Presented by Mark Triplett, May 2020   U.S. Markets Stocks rebounded sharply in April, fueled by a flattening pandemic curve and positive results from […]

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Perspectives February 2020 Lifestyle eNewsletter

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Stuffing The Brackets

I’m a creature of habit, and my Saturday morning routine is pretty consistent. I wake up, hop in the shower, get dressed for the day, make a non-fat latte in a to-go cup, pack the previous weeks laundry into the truck, and I’m off to the gym.  After about 75 minutes at the gym, I […]

Economic Outlook Market Analysis Market Trends Triplett-Westendorf Financial Group

Royal Fund Management- Uncertainty -vs- Fundamentals

Yesterday the market sold off based on continued uncertainty about trade tariffs and whether U.S. tariffs would be met with similar trading partner decisions which could potentially escalate a “trade war.” The initial steel and aluminum tariffs were absorbed by the market but the realization that additional tariffs, particularly related to China, renewed the uncertainty. […]

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How Is The Financial Professional Licensed?

Is it important to you to understand how a financial professional is licensed and compensated? If not, maybe it should be. Knowing how your advisor is licensed and compensated may be the key to avoid receiving conflicted advice. Does your ideal advisor relationship include working with a professional who receives a commission when you purchase […]

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How to Plan for a Client’s Provisional Income in Retirement

Provisional Income may not mean much to you unless you are currently receiving Social Security benefits. However, one of the most engaging topics that we cover in our Social Security education class is the impact of taxes on benefits. Many adult learners who attend don’t know that their Social Security benefits will likely be subject […]